Damus v1.6

What's new in the upcoming appstore release!

Oct 10

Hey guys, I'm spending some time today preparing v1.6 for the app store, it's been a long time coming with many new features. Here's a breakdown of everything new in this version!

Notable new features in 1.6

  • Custom built, embedded C WASM interpreter (nostrscript), which will be used for custom algos, filters and lists
  • Longform note support
  • Hashtag following
  • Configurable reactions
  • New Live user status NIP (music, general)
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • A very long list of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Fast and persistent profile searching using nostrdb

Top priorities for 1.7

  • Lists
  • Custom algos and filters using nostrscript
  • Stories
  • Multi account
  • Tor integration
  • Better NWC integration (wallet balances, transaction history)
  • Advanced note search via nostrdb
  • Fully switch to nostrdb for all notes
  • Discord-like relays (click a relay to view all the notes on it)

So much more but maybe I will not try to be too ambitious ...


name                        added   removed  commits
William Casarin             +57964  -8274    288
petrikaj                    +1524   -0       1
Terry Yiu                   +1266   -964     9
ericholguin                 +1234   -252     11
Daniel D’Aquino             +1223   -399     19
Suhail Saqan                +905    -70      16
Grimless                    +838    -736     6
Bryan Montz                 +793    -744     30
Jon Marrs                   +658    -60      3
Joel Klabo                  +653    -105     6
transifex-integration[bot]  +176    -0       9
Fishcake                    +129    -21      5
Daniel D‘Aquino             +123    -9       5
Jericho Hasselbush          +78     -2       2
cr0bar                      +66     -19      11
Daniel D'Aquino             +55     -32      2
Mazin                       +53     -0       1
gladiusKatana               +37     -8       1
doffing.brett               +10     -6       1           +5      -1       2
Ben Harvie                  +5      -0       1


  • 76 Fixes
  • 18 Changes
  • 26 Additions


  • Add "Do not show #nsfw tagged posts" setting (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Add ability to change order of custom reactions (Suhail Saqan)
  • Add close button to custom reactions (Suhail Saqan)
  • Add followed hashtags to your following list (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Add initial longform note support (William Casarin)
  • Add r tag when mentioning a url (William Casarin)
  • Add relay log in developer mode (Montz)
  • Add settings for disabling user statuses (William Casarin)
  • Add space when tagging users in posts if needed (William Casarin)
  • Add support for multilingual hashtags (cr0bar)
  • Add support for multiple reactions (Suhail Saqan)
  • Add support for status URLs (William Casarin)
  • Add the ability to follow hashtags (William Casarin)
  • Added feedback when user adds a relay that is already on the list (Daniel D'Aquino)
  • Added generic user statuses (William Casarin)
  • Added live music statuses (William Casarin)
  • Added merch store button to sidebar menu (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Added padding under word count on longform account (William Casarin)
  • Adjustable font size (William Casarin)
  • Click music statuses to display in spotify (William Casarin)
  • Enable banner image editing (Joel Klabo)
  • Finnish translations (petrikaj)
  • Hold tap to preview status URL (Jericho Hasselbush)
  • Re-add nip05 badges to profiles (William Casarin)
  • Show nostr address username and support abbreviated _ usernames (William Casarin)
  • Suggested Users to Follow (Joel Klabo)


  • Allow reposting and quote reposting multiple times (William Casarin)
  • Damus icon now opens sidebar (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Hide nsec when logging in (cr0bar)
  • Improve UX around clearing cache (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Improved memory usage and performance when processing events (William Casarin)
  • Increase size of the hitbox on note ellipsis button (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Make carousel tab dots tappable (Bryan Montz)
  • Move the "Follow you" badge into the profile header (Grimless)
  • Remove nip05 on events (William Casarin)
  • Remove note size restriction for longform events (William Casarin)
  • Rename NIP05 to "nostr address" (William Casarin)
  • Show muted thread replies at the bottom of the thread view (#1522) (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Show renotes in Notes timeline (William Casarin)
  • Start at top when reading longform events (William Casarin)
  • Switch to nostrdb for @'s and user search (William Casarin)
  • Updated relay view (ericholguin)
  • Use nostrdb for profiles (William Casarin)
  • clear statuses if they only contain whitespace (William Casarin)


  • Allow relay logs to be opened in dev mode even if relay (Daniel D'Aquino)
  • Allow user to login to deleted profile (William Casarin)
  • Apply filters to hashtag search timeline view (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Avoid notification for zaps from muted profiles (
  • Crash when muting threads (Bryan Montz)
  • Dismiss qr screen on scan (Suhail Saqan)
  • Don't always show text events in reposts (William Casarin)
  • Don't spam lnurls when validating zaps (William Casarin)
  • Eliminate nostr address validation bandwidth on startup (William Casarin)
  • Ensure the person you're replying to is the first entry in the reply description (William Casarin)
  • Fix Invalid Zap bug in reposts (William Casarin)
  • Fix PostView initial string to skip mentioning self when on own profile (Terry Yiu)
  • Fix UI freeze after swiping back from profile (#1449) (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix UTF support for hashtags (Daniel D‘Aquino)
  • Fix action bar appearing on quoted longform previews (William Casarin)
  • Fix broken markdown renderer (William Casarin)
  • Fix bug where it would sometimes show -1 in replies (
  • Fix compilation error on test target in UserSearchCacheTests (Daniel D‘Aquino)
  • Fix crash when long pressing custom reactions (William Casarin)
  • Fix crash when long-pressing reactions (William Casarin)
  • Fix freezing bug when tapping Developer settings menu (Terry Yiu)
  • Fix icons on settings view (cr0bar)
  • Fix images and links occasionally appearing with escaped slashes (Daniel D‘Aquino)
  • Fix issue where malicious zappers can send fake zaps to another user's posts (William Casarin)
  • Fix issue where relays with trailing slashes cannot be removed (#1531) (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix issue where typing cc@bob would produce brokenb ccnostr:bob mention (William Casarin)
  • Fix issue with emojis next to hashtags and urls (William Casarin)
  • Fix issue with slashes on relay urls causing relay connection problems (William Casarin)
  • Fix lag when creating large posts (William Casarin)
  • Fix localization issues and export strings for translation (Terry Yiu)
  • Fix localization issues and export strings for translation (Terry Yiu)
  • Fix long status lines (William Casarin)
  • Fix nav crashing and buggyness (William Casarin)
  • Fix nostrnostr... bugs (William Casarin)
  • Fix npub mentions failing to parse in some cases (William Casarin)
  • Fix padding of username next to pfp on some views (William Casarin)
  • Fix padding on longform events (William Casarin)
  • Fix paragraphs not appearing on iOS17 (cr0bar)
  • Fix parsing issue with NIP-47 compliant NWC urls without double-slashes (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix potential fake profile zap attacks (William Casarin)
  • Fix profile not updating (William Casarin)
  • Fix profile post button mentions (cr0bar)
  • Fix profiles not updating (William Casarin)
  • Fix rare crash triggered by local notifications (William Casarin)
  • Fix reaction button breaking scrolling (Suhail Saqan)
  • Fix situations where the note composer cursor gets stuck in one place after tagging a user (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix small graphical toolbar bug when scrolling profiles (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix some note composer issues, such as when copying/pasting larger text, and make the post composer more robust. (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix status events not expiring locally (William Casarin)
  • Fix text composer wrapping issue when mentioning npub (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix text editing issues on characters added right after mention link (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix wiggle when long press reactions (Suhail Saqan)
  • Fix wikipedia url detection with parenthesis (William Casarin)
  • Fix zaps sometimes not appearing (William Casarin)
  • Fixed a bug where following a user might not work due to poor connectivity (William Casarin)
  • Fixed audio in video playing twice (Bryan Montz)
  • Fixed disappearing text on iOS17 (cr0bar)
  • Fixed issue where hashtags were leaking in DMs (William Casarin)
  • Fixed issue where reposts would sometimes repost the wrong thing (William Casarin)
  • Fixed issues where sometimes there would be empty entries on your profile (William Casarin)
  • Fixed nav bar color on login, eula, and account creation (ericholguin)
  • Fixed nostr reporting decoding (William Casarin)
  • Fixed nostrscript not working on smaller phones (William Casarin)
  • Fixed old notifications always appearing on first start (William Casarin)
  • Fixes issue where username with multiple emojis would place cursor in strange position. (Jericho Hasselbush)
  • Hide quoted or reposted notes from people whom the user has muted. (#1216) (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Hide users and hashtags from home timeline when you unfollow (William Casarin)
  • Make blurred videos viewable by allowing blur to disappear once tapped (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Mute hellthreads everywhere (William Casarin)
  • Show QRCameraView regardless of same user (Suhail Saqan)
  • Show longform previews in notifications instead of the entire post (William Casarin)
  • Stop tab buttons from causing the root view to scroll to the top unless user is coming from another tab or already at the root view (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • don't cutoff text in notifications (William Casarin)
  • endless connection attempt loop after user removes relay (Bryan Montz)
  • icon color for developer mode setting is incorrect in low-light mode (Bryan Montz)
  • relay detail view is not immediately available after adding new relay (Bryan Montz)


  • Remove following Damus Will by default (William Casarin)
  • Remove old @ and & hex key mentions (William Casarin)