Nostr Relays Bundle That Brings Zen

Nostr Relays Bundle That Brings Zen

A guide on optimizing your connected relays list.

Apr 5

This short blog post aims to provide a step-by-step guide on connecting to the best performing relays and finding the balance between maximum connectivity and minimum load on your device

While every new Nostr user is encouraged to study the plethora of Nostr materials explaining the whole range of Nostr components, sometimes one simply looks for a quick and easy guide on how to improve connectivity and/or mobile device battery life. This is exactly what this guide is about.

I won’t talk about free relays, assuming that the client you are using is already connected to a number of those. Let’s jump directly to the paid relays – end of the day they are incentivised to deliver the best user experience in an obvious way – you pay their maintainers to do so.

The number one relay on my list is Nostr wine is a paid relay that lets you broadcast your notes to all the relay subscribers (readers). Connecting to the relay requires a one time 18,888 sat fee submission.

In addition to the general relay service Nostr Wine 🍷 offers a filter relay – For 10,000 sats/month (with significant discounts for longer subscription periods) you get access to reading from and writing to a bunch of relays.


This dramatically improves your connectivity while requiring to only connect to one relay, extending your device’s battery life and reducing overall load.

To connect to this relay follow these steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your npub in the corresponding field

  3. Pay the lightning invoice

  4. Add wss:// to the relays list in your Nostr client

New users who sign up to get 1 month of access to the filter relay. After that a 10,000 sat/month or up to 120k sats for 24 months must be paid as a subscription fee (believe me it’s worth it). After paying the invoice simply add wss:// to your relays. Done!

All additional regularly updated information on the filter relay, including the relays it reads from (and filters) & broadcasts to is available at

A good alternative, or better yet, an addition to is ​​ It will also be more appealing for the HODL freaks as it only requires a one time payment of 15k sats. Nostrich Land offers a similar experience, providing a duo of wss:// broadcasting relay and a wss:// reading and filtering relay. The onboarding process is identical to the Nostr Wine, however Universe Nostrich Land does not require monthly payments (at least at the moment).

Another worthy addition to your setup is a free (for now) wss:// relay. It reads from all known relays and filters notes to free your global feed from spam. You can see the details here .


This broadcasting relay will make sure you get heard: just add wss:// to the list relays in your Nostr client and it will broadcast your notes to all active relays available on

Is that all?

These four options should do pretty good, but you are obviously free to connect to more free and/or paid relays (regularly updated list is available at Over time, as Nostr evolves, the approach to handling relays as well as monetization strategies will transform, however being in the know of how this works (more or less) under the hood will definitely remain a useful skill. Hope this post was valuable for you. If so, support my work.

See you on the other side of the rabbit hole.


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