Earn with Nostr

Earn with Nostr

Enable Nostr zaps in a few seconds and start receiving sats in exchange for value you provide.

May 16

Zaps are one of the first differences one may notice after joining Nostr. They allow Nostr users to instantly send value and support creation of useful and fun content. This is possible thanks to Bitcoin and Lightning Network. These decentralized payment protocols let you instantly send some sats (the smallest unit on the Bitcoin network) just as easily as liking someone’s post on traditional social media platforms.


We call this model Value-4-Value and you can find more about this ultimate monetization model here:

Check out this note by that is a great intro to what zaps are.

You should enable Zaps even if you do not consider yourself a content creator – people will find some of your notes valuable and might want to send you some sats. The easiest way to start receiving value on Nostr only takes a couple steps:

  • Download Wallet of Satoshi (probably the best choice for those who are new to Bitcoin and Lightning) for your mobile device. There are many more wallets that support lightning addresses and you are free to chose the one you prefer.
  • Tap “Receive”
  • Tap the Lightning Address you see on the screen (the string which looks like an email address) to copy it to the clipboard. wos2
  • Paste the copied address into the corresponding field in your Nostr client (the field may say “Bitcoin Lightning Address”, “LN Address” or anything along those lines depending on the app you are using). paste
  • Back up your wallet. back-up That's it! You will now have a little lightning logo appear below all of your Nostr posts, which will allow any Nostr user to instantly send you a few sats.


Apart of this you can of course use this wallet to exchange value with any Lightning user on the planet.


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  • Need help getting started? Check out my Welcome to Nostr guide and feel free to reach out if you've got any questions left.