Habla FAQ

Habla FAQ

Are you a newly-joined content creator with a talent for composing long-form posts? Interested in instantly monetizing your efforts without relying on third parties and advertisers? is a platform for you, and this FAQ will help you get on track.

May 16

This FAQ is also available in Spanish: thanks to

What is Habla News?

Habla is a Nostr-based platform that allows you to create and manage long-form posts. You could compare it to Medium, yet Habla is so much more than that. Habla is superior to traditional blogging platforms because it is built on top of Nostr. It is interoperable with a plethora of other Nostr apps, which makes the user experience seamless and more engaging. Moreover, thanks to the Lightning Network, your input – if found valuable by the readers – can and will be instantly rewarded with the best money humanity has ever witnessed: bitcoin.

What is Nostr?

Nostr is a new way to communicate online that provides a ton of benefits for its users. It is free for everyone; you do not require an ID or any other third party verification to start connecting, mingling with like-minded people, and growing the community around you. Nostr is often mistaken for a social media platform, but it is much more than that. We encourage you to check out the Nostr resources gathered here to realize the potential magnitude of this tool.

How do I sign into Habla?

To start writing on Habla, simply create an Habla/Nostr account and log in. Follow these few simple steps to register, start sharing value, and receive value back.

How do I earn with Habla?

Habla allows you to receive value directly from your readers. No bank account or ID is required. Simply connect your Lightning address to your Habla / Nostr account and receive funds directly to your wallet – no third parties, no waiting for withdrawals, no sweat. Follow these simple steps to do so.

Why is posting on Habla different?

The Nostr protocol is super lightweight, which introduces some peculiarities into how the Nostr-based apps must behave. We won't go into technical details, but the most obvious difference you will notice as a content creator is that you'll have to use a different and, possibly, unusual format of text while composing your posts. But fear not; Habla provides tools that make this process easy and intuitive. Here's a quick video by explaining the basics of posting with Habla (the guide was made prior to the redesign, yet remains useful):

Habla (and many other Nostr apps) uses the well-established format, which is called Markdown. It has been around for almost a decade now and is supported by most apps you use every day. The reason you might not have heard about Markdown is because traditional apps usually hide it from the user, and we are working on doing so as well. You can find out more about Markdown here.

Where is my content stored?

Traditional blogging platforms store your content on their own servers. It is a convenient and (used to be) solid approach, but it bears critical risks. Leaving the fruits of your labor with a single party means they have full control over your content. Nostr fixes this. Every time you post something, your content is broadcast to numerous relays for further storage and redistribution. If any relay operator blocks your post or refuses to redistribute it, your readers can turn to other relays and access your content (do not worry if this sounds complicated; everything happens under the hood). This ensures you never get silenced. That said, Habla does not run its own relay; we've decided to concentrate on what we do best – build an intuitive, efficient, and easy-to-use blogging platform that rewards – and leave the content storage and distribution to the pros in that field.

How do I post?

Habla provides all the necessary tools to produce rich posts that stand out. Prepare your article, format your text with the help of designated tools, add media, and preview the results prior to publishing. All you need is at your fingertips, and the platform is only getting better and friendlier day by day.

Who can read my posts on Habla?

Anyone on the Internet can read your posts. However, if your readers would like to interact with your work – be it by following you / commenting / giving value back – they should create a Nostr account. We encourage you to onboard your followers to grow a thriving community and reach new heights. This quick guide will help you and your peers get started.

This FAQ is a work in progress, and it will evolve as both Habla and Nostr develop into even more powerful tools. Please provide feedback so that I can make it better.