Feeds: Nostr Content Curation that Rewards

Feeds: Nostr Content Curation that Rewards

A new Nostr tool that brings content curation to the next level was released. Let's dive in to see how it works.

May 25

A new tool

A new Nostr tool was released by the invisible Nostr warrior , a man behind Nostr Band empowers renowned Nostr clients like Snort, Amethyst, and Iris with its backend tools. Moreover, Nostr Band serves as a versatile Swiss Army knife for end users, offering a wide range of services and features including search, statistics, Nostr addresses, and more. Notably, the tool incorporates a robust relay system, previously discussed in one of my comprehensive guides. I invite you to explore the possibilities this service presents by visiting

But today, I am thrilled to share the latest development in the ecosystem of Nostr Band: Feeds.

Content curation on Nostr 

Nostr, being a relatively young protocol, has primarily focused on laying the foundation and ensuring core functionality. As a result, the implementation of certain features and possibilities has taken time. One such area that has been lacking is content curation. Until now, end users have had limited options to shape the content they consume, relying on tweaking relay bundles or using specific clients that offer more flexibility in adjusting feeds, such as Primal.

Among the available tools is the powerful microapp by , known as It allows users to create and manage lists to curate content from participating sources. However, its integration into popular Nostr clients is still a work in progress, making its usage somewhat inconvenient. Besides, current implementations mostly focus on profile lists, which limits one's ability to do topic-based curation..

Another option is Zapddit, a Reddit-like client developed by . Zapddit enables users to follow desired topics by subscribing to hashtags and ignore some conversations by muting unwanted hashtags. However, reliance on hashtags poses limitations as not all users consistently utilize them, potentially resulting in missed content or exposure to undesired content.

Unique approach

Feeds by Nostr.Band bring a whole new way to curate Nostr content, giving readers the power to customize their information intake and letting curators create unique information flows while earning recognition for their efforts. Remember when I mentioned how there aren't many tools out there that let you shape your feeds? Well, it's true! We all have different tastes when it comes to the content we want to see. Just think about the variety of traditional platforms we have -- Twitter for quick and snappy updates, Instagram for breezy visual content, and so on. But do we really need a separate app for every mood? I don't think so.

Enter Nostr Feeds, the solution that lets you curate your own content experience without the need for multiple apps. Tailor your feed to your preferences -- whether you crave bite-sized updates, popular notes or captivating visuals. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all feeds and hello to a whole new level of content curation. Subscribe to the feeds that interest you and receive curated content tailored to your preferences. Make your feed truly yours!

Sounds interesting? Let's dive into how this works!

The consumer 

As a content consumer all you've got to do is add a feed to your relays list and start receiving corresponding content in your Global feed a.k.a. "The Universe". Don't want to follow the feed you subscribed to? You are free to remove the relay from the bundle you use. Explore an ever-growing collection of feeds on this dedicated page. More creators are joining in to provide their own curated content, expanding your options.

I'd like to show you a simple example of how this works by sharing a feed I've created to quench the thirst of the community for high quality memes. Hungry for memes? Simply add wss:// to your relays list. Now your Global feed will display the memes 🐸 I am handpicking with love 💜 especially for you. Moreover, you no longer have to follow every single meme connoisseur to have the best memes available on Nostr at your fingertips. Here's how it's done on Damus:

Believe it or not, there's more to it! Let me share a little trick that could revolutionize how we engage with content. But first, let's dive into an example.

Picture this: you've had a long day in the fiat mines... Even the greatest philosophers need a break to clear their heads. There is no better way than indulging in a fresh dose of memes, don't you agree? To immerse yourself in the world of memes, simply mute all the relays you are connected to in your Global feed and only keep the connection to wss:// Here's how it's done on Damus:

That's it. You've got your desired feed delivering the content you want without having to scroll through other topics, which you don't feel like consuming at the moment.

Other useful feeds include Pictures (wss:// and Popular (wss:// As I mentioned, you will see many new ones pop up as this tool gains popularity.

The curator

Imagine the possibilities of creating your very own feed. Whether it's for a close-knit circle of friends or aspiring to be a global curator in the Nostr Universe, the power is in your hands. Are you an art connoisseur, a car enthusiast, or an educator? Craft your own feed and guide your tribe towards a world of high-quality, handpicked content.

In a world inundated with information, separating the signal from the noise is a priceless skill. With limited tools available to end users, being able to offer truly valuable content makes you a true champion in your field. By curating your feed, you become a beacon of knowledge, guiding others to the most valuable and selective content.

It's time to redefine content consumption and elevate the Nostr experience. Join the ranks of content curators and make a difference in the sea of excessive information. 

Creating a feed

  1. Visit

  2. Fill up required fields

  1. Pay the invoice to gain access to your own relay.

Unlocking a feed comes with a monthly subscription, granting you access to a powerful tool backed by the relay and user-friendly UI tools. This infrastructure ensures seamless and effortless curation at your fingertips.

Being in its early stages, feeds' potential for enhancements is boundless. By getting in on the ground floor, you position yourself to reach new heights before others.

  1. That's it. You've got your feed ready to collect and share the best content!

Managing a feed

While tools to simplify curation process are being developed as we speak, here are the steps currently required to manage your feed:

  1. Copy the noteId of an event you'd like to add to your feed (or search for it on

  2. Visit and paste the noteId into the search field

  3. Click on the note you'd like to add to the feed

  4. Press the Label button below the note and select the label that corresponds to the feed you'd like to add the note to.

💡 All notes labeled by you will be highlighted green for your convenience.

Congrats! You now have your own Nostr feed you can curate. Share your feed in the comments below -- let's see who comes up with the most creative and useful feeds.

⚡️ I'll spare 21k sats for the feed operators with the most interesting feed ideas. To get some sats, share your feed in the comments and make sure to maintain it. I'll  check back in a week or so to zap the most impressive feed operators.

Benefits of running own feed

Apart from being a good-old uncle Jim helping out the circle of close friends and family receive curated content, you can potentially benefit from increased exposure in the community and even earn sats for running your own quality feed. There already are a few options in this regard (keep in mind that there are many more to come):

  1. As you spin up your own feed you automatically turn into a Nostr relay operator and become discoverable in the relay info tab. This helps increase your discoverability and allows users, who value your input, zap your profile.

  1. Some clients, like Snort, support a so-called Zap Pool, which allows users to allocate a desired percentage of zaps to favorite infrastructure contributors. As by spinning up a feed you become a relay operator, you may become discoverable on Snort's Zap Pool and start receiving sats with every zap sent by Snort users who enabled this feature.

See the next section for upcoming features which will help you monetize your efforts.


Today Nostr Band Feeds can be considered a playground for the inquisitive minds. They require some skills and determination to operate and lots of improvements are yet to be implemented. I believe this idea is powerful and will gain traction, pushing Nostr client developers to natively integrate the tools necessary to make the feed runners' workflow silky smooth.

Among the expected improvements are:

  • Supporting multiple maintainers to run the feed

  • Feed management automation

  • Paid feed subscriptions

... and more

As you can see, we are still early, which makes everyone who jumps aboard now a first-mover. Embrace the power of Nostr and become the curator to grow your tribe and help everyone around you receive truly valuable content.

Believe me, Nostr users reward proactive and determined creators like nobody else does. This is why our community is so strong; this is why we are winning!

  • Enjoy memes? Don't forget to add wss:// to your relay bundle. 

  • Want to learn about the best relay set up out there? Have a look at my guide on Nostr relays here.