Open-sourcing 21ideas

Open-sourcing 21ideas

A quarterly report on open-sourcing the 21ideas bitcoin-only educational project.

Oct 11


Early this summer, plans to open-source the 21ideas project began to take shape. 21ideas is a bitcoin-only educational project, aiming to offer access to the most extensive structured library of Bitcoin resources in Russian. As the library grew to include over a hundred publications, numerous books, dozens of videos, and audio materials, we realized that keeping this invaluable information at the whims of a centralized entity contradicted the very ethos the project promotes. Today, I'd like to share with you how our journey has been so far, what we've achieved, and what the future holds for 21ideas.

"Open-source your project, or risk depriving it of its right to eternal flourishing."

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone participating in the project. For the past few years, I was the sole maintainer, occasionally receiving assistance from enthusiasts, whether in the form of sats, support with translations, editing, or dubbing. This dynamic changed significantly over the last few months when I announced plans to open-source 21ideas and transition it into a community-driven project. Frankly, managing such a vast project alone is overwhelming. I recognized that much could be improved, but this would necessitate an active community and the talent and expertise of fellow bitcoiners. Open-sourcing 21ideas was the clear path forward. This decision ensures the project's timelessness, a trait invaluable in education.

"The goal isn't to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.”

- Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

I'd like to extend my gratitude to every contributor to the project, namely and

Secondly, my heartfelt thanks go to everyone who has supported the project over the past 4+ years. Your backing has been instrumental in the project's growth and evolution!

I also want to acknowledge OpenSats for endorsing this initiative. Without their support, ensuring 21ideas' perpetual existence wouldn't be possible. My appreciation also extends to Geyser for recognizing the proof-of-work done as part of the 21ideas project and for championing its future development plans. Recognition from non-commercial initiatives like these is truly an honor.

If you're keen on supporting open-source development but are uncertain about which project deserves your donation, I recommend reaching out to OpenSats and Geyser. They research and back the most promising FOSS initiatives.

That said, let's move on to the fun stuff, where I'll outline what we've achieved so far and share some future development plans.

What we've achieved:

  • Launched a GitHub repository at, hosted on GitHub pages.
  • Adopted a documentation-style theme and refined the structure to optimize navigation.
  • Established a temporary domain ( to acquaint the community with the revamped website and solicit feedback.
  • Scheduled the transition to occur next week.
  • Crafted detailed guides on using Markdown and leveraging GitHub + VS Code and/or GitHub + Obsidian for contributions. These guides are universally beneficial.
  • Publicized the shift towards an open-source model to attract potential contributors (currently, the project boasts 7 contributors).
  • Established a fund to incentivise every contributor.
  • Implemented and trialed comments via Nostr, courtesy of fr4nzap's zapthreads.

Upcoming Developments:

While the new open-source project already surpasses its predecessor in sustainability, there's still much to do. The forthcoming months will focus on:

  • Completing the transfer of materials from the existing website.
  • Enhancing SEO for better visibility on Google and Yandex.
  • Introducing a Nostr section and migrating content from
  • Facilitating live discussions via Nostr, powered by fr4anzap's zapthreads extension.
  • Launching the 21ideas Nostr relay to filter spam and moderate website comments (comments across Nostr remain unmoderated).
  • Mirroring the backend to GitLab and other open platforms for redundancy.
  • Crafting additional guides on Bitcoin, Nostr, and essential tech tools for FOSS project contributions.

How You Can Assist:

  • Help redesign and expand our library of Bitcoin-only and Bitcoin-related books in Russian (currently showcased here). This might necessitate custom CSS.
  • Design a section dedicated to audio content, including podcasts and audiobooks.

If you wish to support 21ideas, please visit our dedicated page or our Geyser page.