A Quiet Space for Loud Ideas

A Quiet Space for Loud Ideas

A deep dive into Shipyard - a Nostr app that aims to boost your productivity and help you manage your content.

Oct 17

has done it again, unveiling another mindblowing app. Pablo's Shipyard lets users schedule posts, create posts queues, manage multiple drafts while juggling Nostr accounts, and much more. It is a powerful Nostr notes management app that is free and open for everyone to utilize and contribute to.

In this guide, I'll walk you through Shipyard's primary features and, hopefully help you bring your interactions with Nostr to the next level.

We'll explore:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Queues
  • Drafts
  • Focus Mode
  • Multiple accounts
  • Configuring relays
  • Upcoming features

Scheduling posts

Starting with the basics, the first feature most users will notice and potentially use extensively is post scheduling. It's straightforward yet potent. Schedule a short Nostr note for any desired time or day.

For instance:

While my aspiration to successfully run remains, the manual posting of each event is a deterrent. However, Shipyard enables me to schedule posts about historical Bitcoin events a month in advance, ensuring timely notifications for followers.

To post, schedule, or queue (more on this shortly), click the Write button in the top-right corner.


When ready, you can select from various posting options. Here's a basic overview:


  1. A field for you to compose a note
  2. Focus Mode: provides a clean, distraction-free space for you to compose your notes. Hard to overestimate the power of this function. See a screenshot below.
  3. Menu to schedule date and time of publication
  4. A dropdown menu to choose an action to be executed towards your current note.

Shipyard supports hotkeys, enhancing user experience and streamlining app interactions.


Queues are an extremely powerful tool. Queues allow you to bulk-compose posts and have them published at specified time intervals. You can set these intervals to be as long as a week - just specify the amount of hours accordingly.


There's an option to schedule a repost too.


This feature allows you to either set a desired time for a repost, of add it to one of your queues and have it posted according to the queue's settings.



Drafts are essential. Shipyard enhances drafts with its core features, offering superior note management capabilities.


Focus Mode

I saved one of my favorite features for last. Focus Mode allows you to ... well, focus. Even if it does not seem crucial, you should still give it a try cause of how cool it looks.


Multiple accounts

By supporting nsecBunker Shipyard lets users log in with multiple accounts and easily switch between them on the go. To add a second account visit the Settings menu and navigate to the Keys tab.


Tick the Remote Signer box and enter the Token generated by nsecBunker into the corresponding field. This will allow you to manage multiple accounts without having to log in/out every time.


A detailed guide on setting up nsecBunker is available here.

Configure relays

Like many Nostr clients, Shipyard allows relay customization. If unfamiliar, refer to this relay guide.



Shipyard supports Satellite CDN, which means you can upload files directly from the app.

While alternatives like and exist, unlike Satellite CDN they don't support "non-media" files.

CDN supports various formats like PDF and epub.

Enjoying Shipyard? Do not forget to support its development!

Upcoming features

The elephant in the room is NWC. Nostr Wallet Connect is a favorite among many. NWC's imminent integration into Shipyard suggests future zaps and in-app DVM payments. Probably, much more.


Another few options I'll be looking forward to:

  • scheduling long-form posts
  • scheduling note quotes (reposts with comments)
  • optional calendar view for scheduled notes

End of the day, Shipyard could even be beefed up to offer on Nostr what social media managing apps like Social Pilot and Hootsuite are currently doing in the world of traditional, centralized SM. It could provide stats, schedule recurring posts, comments, reply to DMs, manage drafts, all for multiple profiles. nsecBunker integration would bring this to a totally new level, where whole teams would be able to work on a single SM account, while having varying levels of access.

As with pretty much anything built on Nostr, Shipyard's possibilities are immense.

Let fellow nostriches know what you think of this, what would you like to see implemented on Nostr and what enhancements would make Shipyard better. Leave your comment below.



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